Privacy Policy

The online action CETA CHECK is coordinated by Stop TTIP, c/o Mehr Demokratie e.V., Greifswalder Str. 4, 10405 Berlin, Germany, (

After submitting your data, you will receive an email. You will have to click the link provided in the email to validate your action. Otherwise your question will not be sent and your data will be deleted.

We keep your personal information safe

Once we receive your personal data, we make our best effort to ensure its security on our systems. We will not make your email nor location publicly available, but we may transmit your name, profession, city and country to the designated target of your question.

We will notify you via e-mail when we publish the response of the decision maker you asked, when the campaign enters a new phase or when we would like to recommend you to get in touch with the targeted decision maker once again (e.g. if relevant political decisions are coming up).

We will not store personal information longer than required.

When you tick the optional box, we or the organisation on whose website you have entered your details first will send you updates on the campaign or on other actions of the organisation by e-mail.To facilitate this, Stop TTIP will transfer your data to this organisation. The organisation will not use your data for anything other than what you have consented to.

If you would like all your data to be deleted simply call or email us or the organisation on whose website you entered your details first. Sending a question without ticking the optional box will not remove you from any distribution list you have asked to be added to previously.

Data Security

Our website shows the signature form via iFrame. The actual and direct data connection is between you and our server, where we host our action. When you click “Sign” the data will be transfered in an encrypted form (128-bit TLS 1.2 encryption) to This server is located in Germany, is operated by the company minuskel screen partner GmbH (Bouchéstr. 12, 12435 Berlin, Germany). and uses special technologies to ensure a maximum of data privacy and security.

Data tracking

In order to better serve our members, we may use cookies and analyse web logs. We may collect IP addresses to better understand where our traffic is coming from. This helps us understand traffic patterns and know if there are problems with our website.